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Most Creative Designs O Designs
Ceo & founder Ollaya Said

About Us

O Designs is part of Eamar Eldelta Group and a hugely successful entity.

Therefore, presenting the place with a unique design that satisfies customers and keeps up with their aspirations is our responsibility.

13 years of wealth experience in accomplishing more than 600 units accomplished projects (residential, commercial, administrative, and medical ).

Our strength has been derived from being an integrated team component of interior designers and execution engineers under the supervision of financial, technical, and quality administration that is controlled by a clear cost budget within a specific timeframe.

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Award Winning Projects

O-Designs offers an array of services including interior design, finishing, and decorating to ensure that your project is done in one place.

Every Space Count
Every Space Count

Why Choose Us

Interior Design

Stylish, functional, inviting spaces that inspire creativity.

Exterior Design

Innovative design harmonizes form and function effortlessly.


Turning plans into action, transferring design to reality.


What Our Clients Say

We consider our client evaluations a source of inspiration to continue progressing and achieving sustainable growth.

The professional and commitment are the ideal words could explain what I felt during project process, what a perfect team which implemented my dream home by scientific method and meeting the deadline. within less than 3 months all the work has been finished so, thanks all for your efforts, hard work and time
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali
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Mohammed Attia
Mohamed Ali

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